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This is where we will try to keep up with upcoming events for the family.Friends that use this web site are also encourage to post their events as well. 


  • Family's First Volleyball Player
    Minneapolis VS Wazetta
    October 18, 2011

    Janessa Passenhiem is the family's first Volleyball.
  • Christian Baby Dedication
    Dedication of baby to God
    October 16, 2011.

    In the Christian tradition Halla dedicated her daughter Aa’Miyah to God. The Church was near full as the people were singing and clapping in worship of God. I even noticed Halla, Akenya and little Aa’Miyah getting into the grove. The entire congregation received our family with such warm love as we were called before the Pastor.  Mr. and Mrs. Donnell and Annie Smith, the grandparents, Azell and his Wife, our Uncle, Michael, Elijah and Akenya, the Brothers and Sister, Lloyd X and Rosemary, Father and Mother. Rosemary and I had experienced this type of reception twice before. Once at Halla’s dedication and then again at our wedding, and now for the third time with our daughter and granddaughter, Halla and Aa'Miyah. It’s truly amazing to see how the time passes so quickly. I will always remember this moment holding Rosemary in my arms as she shredded tears of joy. I could imagine what was running thru her mind as we watched our little daughter Halla, become a young Woman.

    After the dedication Mr. and Mrs. Smith took the family to a fine restaurant for dinner and you should have seen how well the people received our family with great honor. We could barely enjoy our meals for the people were holding conversations with us. It was a joyous event, and the people adored the family and of course Aa’Miyah stole the show.

    On this day, the Smith’s and the Forney’s were together again.

  • IEP Meeting for Elijah
    Annual Progress Report
    October 17, 2011

    Elijah had a very successful IEP meeting as he met all of the goals set from the previous year. Elijah will be hired this year to help with the maintenance crew.He will help with spreading salt on driveways, light yard duties, etc, for the Zumbro's group home houses. He will start off at minimum wage and work two days per week, eventually he will be scheduled for three days.

    Keep up the good work Elijah

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