Forney Family


In memory of...

Family and Friends, you are engraved in our hearts, we love you and may God be pleased with your life. 

NOTE* F&B means front and back side of the obituary while T means tribute.


  • Lloyd Bogart Forney
  • Rosetta Smith-Forney F&B
  • Dorothy Sallis
  • Corey Anthony Parker
  • Debbie Beatrice Sallis F&B
  • Clara (Great Grandma) Smith
  • William Tyrone Smith F&B
  • James (Uncle Jimi) Smith
  • William (Grandaddy) Smith
  • William (Bill) Smith
  • Serina (Grandmoma) Smith
  • Marvin Dean Oliver T


  • Evelyn Smith F&B
  • Donovan Dyna Bass F&B
  • Dr. Walter Cunningham T
  • Kattie Goodson F&B
  • Ray Gordon F&B
  • Mulinda (Big Ma) Campbel F&B
  • Magnolia (Gatson) Johnson F&B
  • Andy Moore F&B
  • Nola Mae Sallis F&B
  • Carl Ruffins T
  • Kandy Lee Brown F&B
  • Frenchie (FranLee) Campbell T