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These are the latest developments of the family.

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  • Endia Rosetta Woodard
    Did you know Thin End and Thin Lynn
    Endia or just plain ole End is pregnant with child. Just think how proud that Thin Lynn will be to have her first grand child. Thank you End for expanding the family. Congrats Thin.
  • Keisha has another baby girl
    You are not playing
    Keisha, the oldest female in the family and she has the largest family of us all. Well not quite dear Keka, Dad got you beat.
  • Deaneisha Booney Wright has third Son
    Three boys and one daughter
    Booney is doing well with the addition of a new Son. She is qutie busy now with a full time job and the job of raising her children. We want to say congrats! to you Booney.
  • Halla! its a girl
    Its a first
    16 years old Halla has her first child. In Oct. Halla delivered a baby girl. She now has proud parents. Now there is a great great grandmother, a great grandmother and a what a proud family.
  • Tajah
    Congrats to Tajah and Maine. Their baby girl turned one years old. They are a family of four. Maine has to be a proud Father. This is one beautiful family.
  • TrayShon Forney
    Tray Tray, your uncle is praying for you and I hope that Allah will bless you and your family with the best of health and fine spirits. We love you Tray Tray.